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HER Sacred Medicine

Sarah Dyer

Welcome to Her Sacred Medicine Podcast, A sacred space to connect with your inner wisdom and medicine.  With weekly episodes, I will share my transformational stories and insights.  We will connect with guests who will share theirs too.  We will be diving into conversations around feminine rising and what this means., exploring the feminine mysteries, past lives, energy healing, shamanism, yoga, breath work, divination, healing our wounds and more.

When our world turns upside down, we look outside ourselves for answers. We disconnect from our sense of self. Perhaps through heartbreak, a health crisis, losing a loved one, a job or simply a loss of direction.  This podcast came about from my own relationship break-up.  At a time when I needed to alchemise my own pain, to take the lessons and the gifts and turn this into my Gold.  This was my medicine. 

This podcast aims to help you find your medicine. Wherever you are right now, there will be meditations, soul journeys, and actionable steps for you to take away and integrate into your life as we weave in the feminine mysteries, sacred tools and practices, 

Meet Sarah Dyer, your friendly neighborhood White Witch & Mystic! When she's not busy communing with forest spirits, you'll find her nose-deep in mystical tomes or gallivanting around Norfolk's nooks and crannies with Milo, her Maltese fur accomplice. And yes, she's not just a green-thumbed Mystic of the oracle and tarot – she's got a flair for turning soil into gold at her enchanting country cottage garden. Move over, green witches, there's a new soil sorceress in Intwood!

But wait, there's more – Sarah's the ultimate advocate for health and wellbeing, sprinkling her positive vibes like fairy dust wherever she goes. And speaking of sprinkling, let's talk wine. This intuitive priestess knows how to balance her chakras and her Cabernets, especially those crafted by one of her brothers at the family vineyard. Cheers to being in tune with both the cosmos and the cellar!

If you're wondering what else is up her magical sleeves, here's the rundown: Sarah's an Intuitive Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and Creative Dynamo. She can help balance your chakra's while penning soul-stirring verses simultaneously. Oh, and she's also a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher – because why settle for simple levitation when you can ascend with style?

She's the proud mama of Milo, her mischievous four-legged partner-in-crime. They're the dynamic duo that's got you covered, whether it's deciphering cosmic codes or locating the nearest treat stash.

When she's not busy whispering to the moon or teaching stars how to shine, Sarah's weaving her wisdom into the pages of mind, body, spirit publications. And did we mention she's the ringmaster of a Mystery School? Yes, you read that right – a modern-day high priestess, sharing the secrets of the universe one enchanted lesson at a time.

And if you're a seeker of sisterhood, Sarah's got your back there too. She orchestrates monthly women's sacred circles, because even mystical mavens need some downtime to bond over incense and incantations.

But wait, there's even more magic in her cauldron – behind the scenes, Sarah's a private coaching Queen. She's on a mission to help women heal their past, discover their unique medicine, and awaken the kind of magic that'd make Hogwarts blush. So whether you're searching for your inner Queen, Mystic, or Magician, or simply want to polish your crystal ball & tarot skills, she's got you! 

Tune in to her podcast to catch a snippet of her mystical musings and magical escapades. Get ready to laugh, learn, and let your inner unicorn roam freely – because with Sarah, every day is a spellbinding adventure! & don't forget to subscribe!